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I used to dream to be a "best coder among designers" and "best diagrammer among thinkers" until I found I was, in fact, a dreamer :)



The Data without Data

Every single interaction among anything is a subset of natural and momentary "data". Instead of recording and showing, in this case, I chose to perceiving and let it flow.

As you may notice, I was trying to be poetic...

The Lives of Space Shuttles

Once upon a time in the world, Space Shuttles indicated our bright future as a civilization. How far have they traveled?

It's long... I know... feel FREE to drag the video to the end :)
But R.I.P, Columbia and Challenger...

The 3rd & 4th Dimensions

As we know, we live in a "3+1"-dimensional space-time world. So on a 2D map, will there be a 3rd spatial Dimension? How about the 4th Dimension?

ANSWER: The 3rd one is indicated through zooming, the 4th D is Time, can be modified by slider... Apologies for my boring nerdy way of answering LOL

Data Vis in WebVR!!!

This visualizes the results of the 2017-2018 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament where UMich ranked the 2nd! Back to the DataVis, it has information encoded in a 3D immersive space, which is fun and cool.

BUT it does not make much sense for now in terms of efficiency... I mean, at least we should be able to shoot a basketball in it, right? :D


Design Generation with Geo-info & Activity-info

Representation of how do people experience the ancient town's street spaces?

Context Impression

Inspired from Attack on Titan

Let's find Design Constraints as well as Opportunities!

Context Analysis

Observing and analyzing the residents' and travelers' activity pattern:

Activity Analysis_ People Activity Analysis_ Location

Ideate and Iterate on the route design based on the aforementioned researches:

Parametric Design Process
Human-space Interaction

Inspect each variation of the space to scrutinize the experience of people inside or nearby:

Section Diagrams

The comprehensive diagram to inspect user flow, plan, space, and light design altogether:

Plan-Section-Circulation-Space Diagram
A Fantasy on Post-apocalypse Organic Architecture

Where can we live after a nuclear apocalypse? How will we make use of the substances?


We can live in a shelter that simulates any environment we want!
The shelter can "eat" post-war debris to convert substances.

OK, in order to get those shelters ready, what do we do to prepare now?

Manufactural Diagram

We start to do research and experiments, and finally manufacture them.
Everything happens in secret under any kind of location.
The chosen ones get onboard when The Disaster happens.
The shelters get launched and distributed on the surface afterward.

Gross as it looks, shelters will "grow" and merge organically, from a house to a city ultimately, as they "eat" more and "touch" each other.

Growing Diagram

Let's do an anatomical surgery on a community-scale shelter:

Anatomy Diagram

Aside from the cavities for human-beings, it also has different mitochondria-ish robots helping with sunstance-conversion and energy-transition.

You must be curious about what it looks like inside and outside of a shelter:

Concept Scenarios

You are right, it looks so unreal!
But that's the point of fantasy, isn't it? ;D